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Low Carb Pea Chinese Noodles (Mein)

  • Model:Pea Chinese Noodles
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Country of Origin: Taiwan

    Product Introduction

    This special noodles, enriched with pea protein, combines both delicious flavor and nutrition. It is made by ADM ProFam® Pea 580 pea protein, which has 2.2 times the protein content of regular white noodles while containing 23% fewer carbohydrates, making it an easy way to reduce carbs and increase your protein intake.
    Pea protein is a good supplement for vegetarians.
    The primary sources of protein for vegetarians come from grains and legumes. Protein from grains, such as rice and wheat, lacks one essential amino acid - Lysine. Therefore, protein from grains is often referred to as incomplete protein. Pea protein, on the other hand, is rich in Lysine, making these two foods complementary. When rice or wheat is consumed along with peas, one can get complete protein.

    Ingredients: Wheat flour, pea protein, wheat protein, konjac flour.
    Net weight: 240 grams (80 grams x 3 bundles)
    Cooking instructions:
    A. Boil 1 liter of water, add one bundle of pasta, and cook for approximately 3-5 minutes.
    B. Add your preferred ingredients or seasonings and enjoy.

    Suitable for vegetarians, fitness enthusiasts, individuals on a low-carb diet, senior citizens, growing children, and adolescents.

    This product is free from preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors, ensuring safe consumption.

    Allergen warning: This product contains wheat.